The Greek Stray

I was moved to sketch this cat when in Greece last week on holiday.  It is only a quick study in graphite pencil in my sketchbook, which I carry with me always these days. 

She (he?) was sitting in the car park of the local supermarket, when she obviously lived, awaiting possible food from the owners.

I was struck by her stance – defiant and beautiful in the face of having no owner to love her, but in any case relying on the sympathy and handouts from tourists, and Greeks themselves.  Her head was half turned – ears alert to possible danger, and the eyes in that slightly sorrowful, part Cleopatra eye shape…

I thought, while shaking down some dried food for her (but not too much to perhaps upset her tummy) that she will only survive if other people do this for her on other days.  But that perhaps is how stray cats have survived over the ages, living on scraps and catching mice. 

The next day I was in Athens at a café by the Ancient Agora, and watched a stray kitten – which looked a bit like a cheetah – catch, play with, and eat a moth !

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