This website is for people to share with me their struggles in Art.

It is my attempt at considering and documenting my long project of becoming an artist. Along the way, I hope people will comment and share their views and experiences on what I am trying, while I work through exercises, subjects and generally attempt to learn some of what the art student is taught at an Atelier.

I had a successful career in IT for over 20 years but it did not make me fulfilled. There was global travel, lots of tech, endless meetings and intellectual conversation with some very bright people, but there was always something missing. So when the chance came up, I grabbed it to try and lead a more meaningful, creative art-filled life.

I now make work in Oil paint and Soft pastel. Subjects include portraits of people, cats, dogs, still life, landscape.

I continue to make lots of commissions but alongside, I am always studying, and most importantly, practising, to get better !

Thanks for reading !

Sara Day