I’m Sara Day, an artist currently specialising in portraits.

I make a lot of work of cats – as I have three willing subjects at home.  But I am not otherwise unfairly biased towards these – the “Sardine” in the title is a nickname !  Dogs, rabbits – I will paint any animal that inspires me, and stays still long enough (at least for a photo to be taken).  I also paint people of course.

I make work in a variety of mediums; oils, soft pastels, watercolour, pencil drawings in graphite or coloured pencil.

Ideally I like to work from life, if possible getting to know the subject in their own surroundings and making sketches, which significantly enriches the creative process.  This is essential for portraits of people.

However, photos are necessary for animals, who rarely pose to order unless asleep, or may move around too much.  I like to take my own reference photos where the subject location permits.  Together with my sketches and the client’s own photos I use these to create a unique piece of art.





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